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May 31, 2008

Barack Obama brings Corruption with him

Illinois has produced a long list of corrupt politicians. Why there’s one rotting away in Federal Prison as I type this, a certain George Ryan. Yeah I know he’s a Republican. But apparently no sense of decency and ethics exists in Illinois politics on either side of the fence. It’s common in Illinois for politicians to milk the coffers. Check out this example from Andy Martin’s Blog. This is an Obama supporter and this is what Obama wants to bring with him? How can Obama enact ethical change in Washington when he leaves behind such a culture of corruption in Illinois?

Fat Lady of Illinois


Sorry Florida Democrat Voters, you only count for Half

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The left wing lunacy of the Democratic party never ceases to amaze me. Everyone knew that telling the Democratic voters of Florida and Michigan that their vote would not count would not fly. It was not the voters who authorized the moving up of the Florida primary; it was the Florida legislature done without the vote of the Democratic voters. Technically, the Democratic voters voted in the representatives into the legislature, but the voters did not have any direct control over that decision which moved the primary up. Yet it’s the voters who are being stripped of their votes. They are being stripped of one half of their votes or putting the nice way: half the votes count. Nice going Democrats, you look more like leftist socialists every day.

Officials say Fla., Mich. delegates will get half-votes

May 30, 2008

Barack Obama and his Church Problems

Well we are again. The media is cackling about Obama’s church again. This time it’s some white catholic priest (Rev. Michael Pfleger), who apparently took some time off from molesting young boys to stand up in front of the predominantly black church and ridicule Hillary Clinton. While Barack Obama’s camp was quick to denounce the ridicule, it’s too big an issue to cover up. What the hell kind of hate filled church is that? Isn’t a church supposed to be about worshipping God and discussing the teachings? Since when is it a political platform for child molesting priests like Michael Pfleger to voice their election year opinions?

It’s an evil church and we must ask Barack Obama why he would attend such a hate filled church for 20 years. He can’t go on brushing off the controversial characters coming out of that place as those they’re odd balls. They are apparently serving the needs of that liberal hate church. He has some explaining to do about this choice of churches and his brand of Christianity. Oh wait, that will be hard to do since he’s a Muslim at heart.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Jewish Problem

Hussein we have a problem.  It’s those Jews.  I wonder why they don’t like B. Hussein Obama? Hmmm, let’s see.  Could be his Islamic ties?  And it could be that the Obama campaign hired David Bonior who is widely viewed in the Jewish community as being Anti Israel (he’s against pro Israel so that makes him anti  Israel – hmmm ok).  Recently Obama was in Florida trying to drum up the Jewish support.  I have a feeling that ain’t gonna work. Jewish voters run both sides.  There are liberal ones who will vote for him, but the more conservative ones will vote for McCain.  I have no idea which group is bigger.

Jews Against Obama

May 29, 2008

Barack Obama has Race Card at the Top of his Deck

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If you look at Barack Obama’s Issues Page, what tops the list of issues? What else! Civil rights. Except civil rights in this vane is thinly disguised agenda for special rights for blacks and gays – especially blacks. There is no question that Barack Obama carries a pro-black, anti-white agenda. Most of what is written is rhetorical but what we can gather is a strong liberal, heavier government hand in civil rights. This is not surprising considering what Barack Obama did before he made a full time job of running for President. He was a civil rights attorney. One interesting bullet point on this page is about cocaine, where it states:

Obama believes the disparity between sentencing crack and powder-based cocaine is wrong and should be completely eliminated.

Gee I wonder why he takes such a personal interest in that fine point? Could it be because Barack Obama’s cocaine use is not as far back in his youth as he would have people believe? According to this homosexual, Barack Obama did cocaine with him in 1999. We don’t need an attorney in the White House, let alone a socialist, bisexual, druggie, liberal civil rights attorney!

May 28, 2008

Canadian Liberals Play Boo Hoo

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Oh the humanity. Canada’s version of the slave trade was their aboriginal peoples. Liberals love to dig up the past. I know! Let’s go back to the Crusades and whine about that?

Canada Reopens Its “Most Disgraceful” Act

May 26, 2008

Barack Obama BS’s on Memorial Day

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The Washington Post is unusually disgusting today. It has this sickening sweet thing written by a liberal (and featuring a liberal Jew). I wonder if Barack Obama wore his flag pin today? Deep Humility? There’s something deep here and it isn’t humility.

Obama Speaks with “Deep Humility” on Memorial Day

May 25, 2008

NY Blacks Pay Race Card for No Reason

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Black Socialists sure enjoy that race card! And the news media loves to report on it. Even when there’s nothing to report. Go ahead and read this article from the LA Times and see if you can find an example of what they’re talking about. Supposedly the blacks in New York are mad at old Hill for some unexplained reasons that requires ‘racial healing’. This article is just another excuse to write about socialist Barack Obama. Funny how they end up plugging him at the end. Shame on you, US media and your pro Obama bias.

Trouble brewing in N.Y. for Clinton

May 24, 2008

Southern Blacks Play Race Card even with 4 Aces

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Racism! Waaaaa Waaaaaa! Boo hoo. So they cry in Monroeville, Alabama. It’s the town that allegedly inspired the story “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The black parents in this town don’t like their kids being subjected to harsh treatment by the white kids. This so called harsh treatment includes the n-word as well other nice things. And that uber Socialist organization, the ACLU is backing the parents on the lawsuit. There’s only one problem:

The junior high school at the center of the lawsuit has 463 students from grades 6-8 and its population is 78 percent black and 22 percent white.

The school, which we can assume is reflective of the area around it, is majority black. Not only is its majority black, but overwhelmingly so! So how can the blacks who comprise almost 80 percent of the population claim racism? It’s easy to answer and it’s the socialist black’s best friend: Victimization. It’s fun and dandy to always play the victim and no one does it better than socialist blacks. Now I am not saying the white kids are right to use those words but don’t you suppose the white kids might be getting provoked? Of course we don’t read about that side of the story in the socialist liberal news.

One thing is for certain here: I have a hard time seeing these blacks as ‘victims’ with their overwhelming majority there. Nothing like playing the race card when you already have the upper hand!

Parents Claim Racism in Harper Lee’s Ala. Hometown

May 23, 2008

Barack Obama’s Clean Campaign Lie

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There are many lies of Socialist Barack Obama, but one of the most annoying is his “Clean Campaign” lie. Early on, he promised he would not do a dirty old school campaign – that he would only engage in hope. Yeah keep hoping. Obama’s campaign has been as dirty as anyone else. He has gone on the offensive many times against Clinton and more recently McCain.

This is typical Socialist lie. Point to what you don’t want and then say: Bad. And they lie. Barack Obama most recent lie is trying to pretend like McCain = George Bush. He is well aware that few people want another George Bush in the White House and making pancakes out of that. That’s a blatant Socialist lie.

McCain may be a lot of things, but he is not George Bush. If anything, McCain is a Centrist Republican. Even the Conservatives have often said that Hillary Clinton is more conservative that McCain. The reason they most often cite is the Amnesty issue for Illegals.

Think Obama has the politics of hope? Think again. It’s the politics of Socialism.

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