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May 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton Socialist?

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Some Conservative pundits have said that Hillary Clinton is the most conservative candidate in the presidential draw this time around. More conservative that McCain. But is she really?

One of Clinton’s biggest problems is that it’s hard to tell where she stands. But if you look at her work in so called “Universal Health Care”, it’s easy to see her socialist roots.

For anyone old enough to remember the Health Care Plan of 1993, they should be surprised that she even chose to run on any kind of health care platform. What a disaster of epic Socialist proportions! Anyone who has the stomach (and the time) can read the entire mess at the Library of Congress link below.

1993 Health Security Act

So would we have anything better to expect from her as president? I doubt it. Even after that failure, she continued to play the Health Care harp to the masses. Here new Health Care plan was quickly dissed because it would have given free health care to illegal aliens. Few things erodes democracy quicker than the influx of foreign influences – particularly illegal ones. Her ‘new’ health care plan looks a lot like the Socialist Canadian system which by the way, frequently brings Canadians over the border to take advantage of our health care. So yes, Hillary is at least a health care socialist.


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  1. Any good-hearted Christian would not begrudge the care given to a needy neighbor. The true Christian remembers those words “As ye have treated the least of these, my brothers, ye have treated me.” Fortunately, the evangelical movement has matured since the days Bush used it as a political wedge issue. Now, evangelicals are waking up to the implications of brotherly love, and are addressing the values of caring for each other, poverty, and healing the planet. Certainly, universal health care fulfills the plea to love your neighbor as yourself. Even those who are not of the Christian faith would have to agree, upon reflection, that we all benefit from having healthy citizens.

    Comment by christianliberal — September 3, 2008 @ 12:40 am | Reply

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