Resist Liberalism

May 30, 2008

Barack Obama and his Church Problems

Well we are again. The media is cackling about Obama’s church again. This time it’s some white catholic priest (Rev. Michael Pfleger), who apparently took some time off from molesting young boys to stand up in front of the predominantly black church and ridicule Hillary Clinton. While Barack Obama’s camp was quick to denounce the ridicule, it’s too big an issue to cover up. What the hell kind of hate filled church is that? Isn’t a church supposed to be about worshipping God and discussing the teachings? Since when is it a political platform for child molesting priests like Michael Pfleger to voice their election year opinions?

It’s an evil church and we must ask Barack Obama why he would attend such a hate filled church for 20 years. He can’t go on brushing off the controversial characters coming out of that place as those they’re odd balls. They are apparently serving the needs of that liberal hate church. He has some explaining to do about this choice of churches and his brand of Christianity. Oh wait, that will be hard to do since he’s a Muslim at heart.


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