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June 7, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-07-08

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The ever rising prison population. Blame it on the United States penal system. And of course there is the ever present liberal “concern” of racial disparities in the prison system.

“….with black males incarcerated at a per capita rate six times that of white males. Nearly 11 percent of all black men ages 30 to 34 were behind bars as of June 30, 2007. Americans should ask why the US locks up so many more people than do Canada, Britain, and other democracies.”.

No — Americans should see the obvious here. Black males commit 6 times more crime than white males. Typical liberal approach: look at the end results of a problem and blame those results for the problem. Let’s compare this to a computer program. If a computer program puts out an erroneous set of figures, do you blame the set of figures for being the problem? No, you blame the part of the computer program that calculates the figures and look there to find the problem. The penal system is not entirely perfect granted, but the high percentage of black males in prison doesn’t represent a problem in the prisons. It represents a problem with black males.

Prison Numbers Hit New High – Blacks Hardest Hit by Incarceration Policy


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