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June 22, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-22-08

Polling white people. Hmm, it seems like the only time white people are of any importance is in polls and how we feel towards blacks. Funny they don’t turn this poll around and ask how blacks feel about whites. Reason is they would be afraid to publish the results. Blacks hate white people and that seem to be ok with liberals – even liberal whites! Wash that hog and play that race card again!

Obama’s Candidacy Underscores Crosscurrents of Race and Politics


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  1. You visited my blog and didn’t like it. You said “This website makes me sick to the stomach!” Well! I see that your web site is mostly about liberals which very much includes Obama. I dislike Obama just as much as and other conservative republican.

    Are going to vote for Obama or McCain? I don’t agree with some of McCain’s politics, but he has my vote.

    My blog was done mostly in fun. Some will, some wont, so what! You can’t please everyone, sorry you didn’t like my blog. I’m new at it, you have a nice blog. Keep up the good work. Yes I think Obama is a racist.

    Beth Davis

    Comment by Beth Davis — July 13, 2008 @ 6:01 am | Reply

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