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July 20, 2008

Liberal Democrat Christine Gregoire Spends to Infinity

In the long established liberal traditional, Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire has broken the bank. For those of you outside Washington State (or those who have erased this election from their mind) Gregoire won in the 2004 election by a hair. Literally a hair! Only few hundred votes in a state with 5.8 million people. The vote had to be recounted twice as I recall and she called for the first recall because Dino Rossi initally beat her. In other words, she stole the election. But I digress.

In the four years Gregoire has been in office, she has raised the state spending by $8 billion. To put that in perspective, it’s up 31 percent since the prior two-year general-fund budget cycle. Spend Spend Spend! That’s what the Democrats do best. Or maybe 2nd best. The other thing they do well is blame blame blame. Now that there is budget shortfall being projected, Gregoire is playing the tried and true ‘Blame Game’.

In this case, Christine Gregoire is blaming George Bush (just because it’s so easy to blame Bush) and even Dino Rossi who crafted the prior budget. What a stretch! Anything but take some responsibility. While she hides the spending increase under the education umbrella, much of this extra budget is being spent on state employees and their already fat benefits packages. Now that’s why we don’t need Democrats in executive office!

Vote her out this time around, Washington!

How state spending rose $8 billion under Gregoire

Christine Gregoire



  1. True. Gregoire spends like a drunken sailor, but Dino Rossi is also clueless about government finance – sending blatantly inaccurate junk mail out to Washington voters.

    Comment by Ben — August 16, 2008 @ 7:01 pm | Reply

  2. Christine Gregoire represents the corrupt King County Democrats, while Dino Rossi represents the corrupt Republicans, and we all know who the Demopublicans serve – Bill Gates and his corporate cronies.

    Let’s face it; the gubernatorial campaign is a lost cause (again). Don’t let it distract you from other important races…like Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI).

    The media drone on and on about Terry Bergeson and Randy Dorn, who have all the corrupt endorsements and money. In fact, Bergeson and Dorn have been working together for years, and both have many scandals around their necks.

    One candidate for SPI is raising Hell. He has more information on his campaign website (and discusses more issues) than any other candidate in this race. Indeed, he could probably blow any of the gubernatorial candidates out of the water.

    We’ve stood by and watched George W. Bush and the Vichy Democrats flush the economy down the toilet. Can we at least rally behind our schools, behind the children who will inherit our mess?

    Check out David Blomstrom’s campaign website at Don’t let corrupt unions determine the outcome of this race!

    Comment by David Blomstrom — August 18, 2008 @ 2:32 am | Reply

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