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August 1, 2008

McCain is Right – Obama Lacks Substance

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In the recent video created by the McCain campaign, Barack Obama is shown in the same set of frames as Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears.  The message on the surface is that he’s some kind of celebrity that the media loves to follow around.  But the real message is that – like Hilton and Spears – he lacks substance.  Just a shallow hull walking around looking pretty for the cameras. Barack Obama gives great speeches.  Yes, but what else can he do?  Barack Obama’s record in the senate shows no indication that he can lead a pack of paparazzi let alone an entire nation.  Nor does his prior experience in the Illinois State Senate.  Nor does his prior experience as a Civil Rights litigator. There is nothing, zip, zero, nada in his past to hold up and say: “this is proof that I can lead this country”.  That’s the underlying meaning behind McCain’s ad and it’s spot on!

McCain expresses pride in campaign ad about Obama

Paris Hilton Posing


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  1. Some say Obama is a political neophyte who hasn’t been around around a long enough in politics. But that just isn’t so. He has been around for a long, long year.

    I recognized him immediately when I first saw him as I wasn’t taken in by his cosmetic difference in appearance. When he used the word “change” it was a dead give-away. He has used that slogan before.

    So, if you are ever in a position to meet Obama personally I would advise you to have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste. Remember to use all your well-learned politesse if you are ever in His presence.

    Comment by Steve — August 3, 2008 @ 12:58 am | Reply

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