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August 22, 2008

The Suspense is Killing Me

Yawn. Barack Obama’s running mate. Have you noticed he is waiting until the edge of the weekend to make this announcement? You know how that works in the corporate world. Save the bad news for Friday so that people can go home and stew about it. It’s an old management trick to fire people on a Friday afternoon so they have the whole weekend to cool off.

This is kind of the same thing. Obama is going to piss people off either way. I’m going out on a limb here and saying he is probably not going to select Hillary Clinton. That will piss off the Clinton supporters who haven’t moved on. And from what I understand, that’s a substantial number and a lot of votes. And if he’s dumb enough to actually select Clinton as a running mate, that will just about kill his chances in November. Guess Obama’s screwed either way! No wonder he wants to wait until Friday afternoon. And of course the bias liberal media is waiting with baited breath on the announcement. Just look at them pawning over Obama.

Obama is hours away from naming running mate


August 14, 2008

Liberals worst fear: Jerome Corsi

Liberals are coming out of the woodwork to condemn the latest Corsi book “The Obama Nation-Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality”! Like this one (who doesn’t even have the courage to name the book), this one and many others.

Of course any criticism of their beloved communist leader, Barack Obama, is immediately declared to be a lie and a product of the ‘Republican Smear Machine’ – a fictitious subset of the Vast Right Wing conspiracy. I can’t wait to get my hand on a copy of this book and will be reforming the stuff here – right up until election day. The truth about the book is this:

It is a thoroughly researched and well documented book that delves deep into Barack Obama’s history, what little there is, and highlights how the Democratic presumptive nominee’s current rhetoric is hardly in synch with his past. But then a lot of us knew that didn’t we?

Obama Nation

Add Another one to Barack Obama’s Circle – Kwame Kilpatrick

As though Barack Obama doesn’t already have a large enough circle of questionable associates and friends, here comes a Kwame hug! Ok this was before the txt scandals broke, but Kwame Kilpatrick has been known to be a shady character for years. Now poor poor Kwame wants to go to Denver to show up at the DNC! LOL. As though the Democrats need more shame?

August 10, 2008

Kwame Kilpatrick – The Lowest Form of Liberal

This is almost too easy, but what the hey. Low hanging fruit begs to be picked. Kwame ‘jailbird’ Kilpatrick, what a black liberal pig. Let’s see, hmmm. He cheats on his wife on city money and lies about it, he goes to Canada while on restriction and said he forgot, and now he has to face up an assault charge.

The charges — assaulting or obstructing an officer — are tied to an alleged July 24 incident in which an investigator tried to serve a subpoena to a friend of Kilpatrick’s who is a witness in a pending perjury and obstruction of justice case against the mayor.

How low can you go? As though Detroit is not already the laughing stock of the rest of the country (probably of the world), now this. Even his pastor wants him to quit. But the city prosecutor is not budging to get him out of office and into the unemployment line where he belongs. Any other city (except maybe St. Louis) would have gotten rid of him long ago. This is what happens folks, when left wing liberals are in charge. Maybe he can be a running mate for that fraudulent Barack Obama!

Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit mayor, now faces assault charges

Civic leaders press prosecutor for resignation deal for mayor

Kilpatrick should quit, his ex-pastor says

Happy Couple of Liberals

August 5, 2008

Made up Murder Stories

This is really strange. A made up murder planted in the press? Such is the case with Larry Sinclair, a well known critic of Barack Obama. Obama’s supporters absolutely loath him because he’s become so well known and outspoken. So someone planted a story in the press about Larry’s fake death. At first I thought it was an Obama supporter but in reading it, it really doesn’t reflect well on Obama so it must have just been a lark. The fake article wraps up causing you to feel uneasy about Obama and his supporters. I don’t need a fake article to feel that way!


July 17, 2008

Jesse Jackson and his 2 N Words

Jesse Jackson used two N words when he humiliated himself on mic the other day. Nuts was one, and the other was of course the infamous N word. He might have said ‘nigga’ which as blacks would like us to believe is a different word, but of course it’s the same word. Like it’s a ‘santized version’ or something. This is a typical example of how liberal blacks can’t even play by their own rules. Jesse “Off with his nuts” Jackson has discouraged the use of the word in the past. He said the n word is a:

hate word … it’s a punch in the groin disguised as a word. … It is divisive, it is painful. One cannot sanitize this. So whether it is degrading or self-degrading, whether it is hate or self-hate, it is wrong.”

Liberal hypocrisy at its finest. Hogwash!

Fox News: Jesse used n-word

July 14, 2008

If you can’t take the heat

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Get out of the campaign! The Obama loonies are whining loudly about the New Yorker cover. Tasteless and offensive. Hahahaha. Funny it is! Lighten up you liberal swine. I especially like the US Flag burning in the Oval Office fireplace. Satire or not, it’s totally Obama!

July 9, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 07-09-08

Heeeerrzz Jesse! Jesse Jackson again and his big old mouth. He wants to cut the nuts off of Barack Obama because he is talking down to black people. What’s the matter Jesse? You mad because Barack Obama isn’t using gutter language like you (and most blacks) do? The dim witted Jesse says he didn’t realize the mic was on. Hahaha! Good one Jesse, but no go. You got so much egg on your face, you’re gonna be yellow pretty soon instead of black.

Jackson apologizes for ‘crude’ Obama remarks

Jesse Jackson

June 22, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-22-08

Polling white people. Hmm, it seems like the only time white people are of any importance is in polls and how we feel towards blacks. Funny they don’t turn this poll around and ask how blacks feel about whites. Reason is they would be afraid to publish the results. Blacks hate white people and that seem to be ok with liberals – even liberal whites! Wash that hog and play that race card again!

Obama’s Candidacy Underscores Crosscurrents of Race and Politics

June 20, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-20-08

The Republican smear machine. I keep hearing that mentioned by the liberals all the time. It’s called other things like Republican smear tactics and Republican smear campaigns. Whatever, as though the Democrats are above smearing? For example the Cindy McCain drug addict attacks? The John McCain = George Bush smears? Democrats like the one who wrote the article below need to STFU and admit they do as much smearing as anyone else. Now with Barack Obama’s sky high money making machine in full force, his campaign will be an even bigger smear machine.

Let’s Face the Facts: Barack Obama is a Politician

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