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August 30, 2008

McCain’s Choice of Sarah Palin

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Well the media is already abuzz over McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for VP. Full of mainstream media lies and bias! I haven’t posted in a while so now I am full of conservative wisdom. So you will get the conservative view here; the correct viewpoint (heh). McCain’s choice did many things to this race for president and when one looks, one can easily see the thinking here.

One upped the DNC – The timing of the choice along with the choice itself completely upstaged communist Barack Obama and his DNC. Obama barely finished his speech when McCain stole his thunder; giving the mainstream media something to cackle about other than the DNC.

Executive Branch Experience – Sarah Palin is the only one of the group (Obama, Biden, and McCain) who has executive branch experience. As Governor of Alaska, not to mention her job as major, she has demonstrated executive branch experience where the other 3 (even her running mate) have only senate experience to show. Executive branch experience is more important that you might think – most presidents have had that according to this source. This at least puts it in the ticket.

Age Issue – McCain needed to choose someone younger than himself to offset the factor of his advanced age of 73. At that age, the scenario of the vice president having to take over is very real and he addressed that.

Conservative Base – McCain has had a problem with his conservative base especially in the areas of abortion and gay marriage where he has had a somewhat centrist viewpoint. Palin is a true conservative that probably even Ann Coulter would approve of.

Women Voters – Which leads me to my next point. The women voters. This choice by McCain will attract a lot of feminists to the ticket – make no mistake about it. This will be their big chance to place a female in the white house and it if means jumping party lines, who will know?

Hillary Clinton’s Base – This choice also gives a solid alternate choice to Hillary Clinton’s sizable base of voters. Many of them are women and many felt railroaded into voting for Obama. This will give them another choice.

Avoiding Controversy – Like Obama’s choice of Biden, McCain avoided choosing someone who would be too divisive or controversial. His list was loaded with possible hot picks like Romney and Huckabee that would have been problematic for him.

McSame – This choice of Palin slaps the face of those left wing liberals who call him “McSame” implying that 4 years of McCain will be 4 more of Bush. This shows that nothing could be further from the truth.

Making History – With McCain’s choice, he sees to it that history will be made this election. Either we will get a black president or a woman vice president. Prior to this choice, that could not be said.

So will Palin hurt McCain’s chances? A lot of people are recalling the Geraldine Ferraro disaster in 1984. Mondale tried to appeal to the women voters but it didn’t carry him through. I say no comparison! That was a strong president Reagan defending his 2nd term. In 1984 many of the programs he put in place under “Reaganomics” were coming to fruition and things were working well. This was the primary disadvantage for the Mondale/Ferraro that McCain/Palin do not have to deal with. If anything, it should hurt Obama/Biden.


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