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July 4, 2008

Jessie Helms, Free Speech, and the Fourth of July

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The liberal pigs are dancing in the streets today after Jessie Helms died. “Good Riddance” they all say. Listen bitches, Mr. Helms lived to be 86 and that’s older than most of us can hope for including you liberals – even you vegetarian liberals. That aside, it’s ironic that Mr. Helms died on July 4th. No matter what you think of Jessie Helms, he was notable because he had strong opinions. Strong opinions that most liberals aren’t able to understand. Most of all, he made ample use of our [diminishing] right of Free Speech by voicing those strong opinions. He spoke his mind and spoke it freely. Just as I do and will continue to do. And free speech must not be stomped out by you liberal swine. Remember that!

Jessie Helms


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