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June 22, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-22-08

Polling white people. Hmm, it seems like the only time white people are of any importance is in polls and how we feel towards blacks. Funny they don’t turn this poll around and ask how blacks feel about whites. Reason is they would be afraid to publish the results. Blacks hate white people and that seem to be ok with liberals – even liberal whites! Wash that hog and play that race card again!

Obama’s Candidacy Underscores Crosscurrents of Race and Politics


June 1, 2008

St. Louis Blacks Protest Themselves

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Gotta love the self hating blacks of St. Louie. Blacks love to protest and march in the street against problems. Even when THEY’RE the problem. Typical liberal blacks – march and try to assign blame anywhere but where it belongs: On themselves!

Black Marchers Protest St. Louis Crime, Violence

Seattle Liberals still whining about Segregation

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Yawn. The way this liberal black media story sounds, you’d think it was 1950 again. Parents should have choices about where to live and where to send their kids. Not everyone thinks Diversity is so great. Especially when black kids bring guns and knives to school and enlist white kids in their gangs. Parents have a right to choose – get used to it liberal whiners. There’s a reason non black people want to avoid sending their kids to a black school – Blacks + More Blacks = Crime.

The resegregation of Seattle’s schools

May 28, 2008

Canadian Liberals Play Boo Hoo

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Oh the humanity. Canada’s version of the slave trade was their aboriginal peoples. Liberals love to dig up the past. I know! Let’s go back to the Crusades and whine about that?

Canada Reopens Its “Most Disgraceful” Act

May 24, 2008

Southern Blacks Play Race Card even with 4 Aces

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Racism! Waaaaa Waaaaaa! Boo hoo. So they cry in Monroeville, Alabama. It’s the town that allegedly inspired the story “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The black parents in this town don’t like their kids being subjected to harsh treatment by the white kids. This so called harsh treatment includes the n-word as well other nice things. And that uber Socialist organization, the ACLU is backing the parents on the lawsuit. There’s only one problem:

The junior high school at the center of the lawsuit has 463 students from grades 6-8 and its population is 78 percent black and 22 percent white.

The school, which we can assume is reflective of the area around it, is majority black. Not only is its majority black, but overwhelmingly so! So how can the blacks who comprise almost 80 percent of the population claim racism? It’s easy to answer and it’s the socialist black’s best friend: Victimization. It’s fun and dandy to always play the victim and no one does it better than socialist blacks. Now I am not saying the white kids are right to use those words but don’t you suppose the white kids might be getting provoked? Of course we don’t read about that side of the story in the socialist liberal news.

One thing is for certain here: I have a hard time seeing these blacks as ‘victims’ with their overwhelming majority there. Nothing like playing the race card when you already have the upper hand!

Parents Claim Racism in Harper Lee’s Ala. Hometown

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