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August 22, 2008

The Suspense is Killing Me

Yawn. Barack Obama’s running mate. Have you noticed he is waiting until the edge of the weekend to make this announcement? You know how that works in the corporate world. Save the bad news for Friday so that people can go home and stew about it. It’s an old management trick to fire people on a Friday afternoon so they have the whole weekend to cool off.

This is kind of the same thing. Obama is going to piss people off either way. I’m going out on a limb here and saying he is probably not going to select Hillary Clinton. That will piss off the Clinton supporters who haven’t moved on. And from what I understand, that’s a substantial number and a lot of votes. And if he’s dumb enough to actually select Clinton as a running mate, that will just about kill his chances in November. Guess Obama’s screwed either way! No wonder he wants to wait until Friday afternoon. And of course the bias liberal media is waiting with baited breath on the announcement. Just look at them pawning over Obama.

Obama is hours away from naming running mate


August 7, 2008

Edwards Out for VP

Well Well, what have we here? Good old democrat family man John Edwards was getting some lady on the side. Are we surprised? No, he’s human too. But lookie at the left wing media. Look what they tried to do: They tried to suppress the story. Washington Post didn’t take it seriously and the LA Times instructed their writers not to blog about it. That’s why you shouldn’t read MSM blogs – but I digress.

Now back to John Edwards. This wouldn’t be so bad, but he lied. He did the old thing where he denied it and then when cornered, admitted it. Well Mrs Edwards wasn’t feeling up to sex no doubt and he had to go out to get it. So I guess we can scratch that choice from the liar Barack Obama’s VP slot. But that aside, here is liberal hypocrisy at its finest!

Only His Hair Dresser Knows for Sure

Edwards Family Man

Lazy Pelosi Continues to Blame

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Who is really to blame for the energy crisis? Well maybe everyone. But the question for congress is who is to blame for dragging their heels on a solution? The Republicans want to work toward a solution. Even this Indiana Rep wants Congress to reconvene for a special session to find a solution. But lazy ass Pelosi wants her vacation and isn’t interested.

All she is interested in is continuing to lay the blame elsewhere. If you want to know who is really to blame for the lack of a solution read this summary of democratic votes.

91% of House Republicans have historically voted to increase the production of American-made oil and gas.

86% of House Democrats have historically voted against increasing the production of American-made oil and gas.

Yep, the democrats are to blame and Pelosi is still playing the blame game. I hope she wears shoes with thick heels.

Clown Shoes

August 5, 2008

Made up Murder Stories

This is really strange. A made up murder planted in the press? Such is the case with Larry Sinclair, a well known critic of Barack Obama. Obama’s supporters absolutely loath him because he’s become so well known and outspoken. So someone planted a story in the press about Larry’s fake death. At first I thought it was an Obama supporter but in reading it, it really doesn’t reflect well on Obama so it must have just been a lark. The fake article wraps up causing you to feel uneasy about Obama and his supporters. I don’t need a fake article to feel that way!


July 20, 2008

Liberal Democrat Christine Gregoire Spends to Infinity

In the long established liberal traditional, Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire has broken the bank. For those of you outside Washington State (or those who have erased this election from their mind) Gregoire won in the 2004 election by a hair. Literally a hair! Only few hundred votes in a state with 5.8 million people. The vote had to be recounted twice as I recall and she called for the first recall because Dino Rossi initally beat her. In other words, she stole the election. But I digress.

In the four years Gregoire has been in office, she has raised the state spending by $8 billion. To put that in perspective, it’s up 31 percent since the prior two-year general-fund budget cycle. Spend Spend Spend! That’s what the Democrats do best. Or maybe 2nd best. The other thing they do well is blame blame blame. Now that there is budget shortfall being projected, Gregoire is playing the tried and true ‘Blame Game’.

In this case, Christine Gregoire is blaming George Bush (just because it’s so easy to blame Bush) and even Dino Rossi who crafted the prior budget. What a stretch! Anything but take some responsibility. While she hides the spending increase under the education umbrella, much of this extra budget is being spent on state employees and their already fat benefits packages. Now that’s why we don’t need Democrats in executive office!

Vote her out this time around, Washington!

How state spending rose $8 billion under Gregoire

Christine Gregoire

July 14, 2008

If you can’t take the heat

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Get out of the campaign! The Obama loonies are whining loudly about the New Yorker cover. Tasteless and offensive. Hahahaha. Funny it is! Lighten up you liberal swine. I especially like the US Flag burning in the Oval Office fireplace. Satire or not, it’s totally Obama!

July 12, 2008

Obama in the Wrong Picture Media Bias Major

Wrong Photo you Morons!

Wrong Photo you Morons!

As if this isn’t proof of the unprecedented media bias in favor of Barack Obama! Here is an article about some event in New Orleans involving roller girls or something. Some new tradition that has little or nothing to do with Barack Obama. So why is he shown in the picture for this story? I’ll tell ya why. The mainstream media can’t get enough of their beloved Barack Obama so they stick his picture in stories where it doesn’t belong. Hogwash.

Roller Girls Give Chase in La. Version of Bull Run

July 1, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 07-01-08

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Wesley Clark on John McCain: “He hasn’t held executive responsibility,”. No kidding. But neither has Barack Obama! Funny how we don’t hear that from Clark isn’t it?

Clark Questions the Value of McCain’s Service

June 25, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-25-08

Barack Obama offers ‘yes we can’ car magnet to donors. Now, isn’t part of this ‘blueprint for change’ to reduce reliance on the automobile? So his donors are to put their magnets on and drive around. Does anyone see the contradiction here? Anyway yawn. Why this is even newsworthy calls into question the media bias again. The media will report anything that makes Barack Obama look good but will not report any negative news on him.

Obama Offers Car Magnet to Get Internet Base to Donate

June 22, 2008

Barack Obama and Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action killer ballot measures are on tap in Colorado, Arizona, and Nebraska and guess who opposes those measures?  Our communist leader wannabe Barack Obama!  Affirmative Action is one of those hot button items for conservatives and McCain is wisely steering clear of it.  It has been stricken down on many fronts so obviously, most models of Affirmative Action are unethical at best.  The pro-affirmative action crowd are the same people who believe that two wrongs make a right.  After all, isn’t that what Affirmative Action is?  It’s a wrong meant to correct a wrong from long ago.

This shows what’s in store if communist Barack Obama becomes president.  And it’s no surprise given that his main experience in life is as a civil rights attorney.  Yep, that’s true you sheeple.  He has little senate experience but lots of civil rights experience. I am certainly not opposed to Civil Rights in general, however the way they are implemented from liberals are by stomping on the rights of others (e.g. Affirmative Action). So there’s another reason NOT to vote for Barack Obama.  Not surprisingly the press has been pretty quiet on this.

Will Affirmative Action Roil 08 Race

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