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August 15, 2008

More Proof of Barack Obama’s Communist Ties

Wow, the left wing commies are still up in arms about the Jerome Corsi book. Still pumping out hate filled ‘reviews’ like this liar.

The liberals are running scared! The Obama scam camp has released a 40 page rebuttal to the book. Now that’s what I call playing heavy defense! You know there are things in there that the Obamaloonies don’t want anyone to know. The Obama scam camp has called this book Unfit to Print. Haha. Of course they’d say that when it’s chalk full of stuff that will make anyone with any kind of critical thinking skills look at Obama and run the other way. It’s ‘unfit’ because they don’t want people to know that Barack Obama is a deep rooted communist.

The admission that Obama’s mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, an identified CPUSA member, can only add to growing public concern about Obama’s relationship with a Communist pawn of Moscow who was the subject of security investigations by the FBI and various congressional committees which examined Soviet activities in the U.S.

According to these official documents, cited first by AIM and also by Corsi in his book, Davis was a secret CPUSA member who became a member of an underground communist apparatus in Hawaii. As late as the 1970s, Davis was involved with a CPUSA front organization, the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, dedicated to keeping foreign communists such as labor leader Harry Bridges from being deported from the U.S. Davis, a friend of Bridges, a secret CPUSA member, became Obama’s mentor during the years 1975-1979.

I can’t wait for this book to arrive in the mail. I shall devour it.

Obama Confirms Relationship with CPUSA Member


August 14, 2008

Add Another one to Barack Obama’s Circle – Kwame Kilpatrick

As though Barack Obama doesn’t already have a large enough circle of questionable associates and friends, here comes a Kwame hug! Ok this was before the txt scandals broke, but Kwame Kilpatrick has been known to be a shady character for years. Now poor poor Kwame wants to go to Denver to show up at the DNC! LOL. As though the Democrats need more shame?

July 1, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 07-01-08

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Wesley Clark on John McCain: “He hasn’t held executive responsibility,”. No kidding. But neither has Barack Obama! Funny how we don’t hear that from Clark isn’t it?

Clark Questions the Value of McCain’s Service

June 25, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-25-08

Barack Obama offers ‘yes we can’ car magnet to donors. Now, isn’t part of this ‘blueprint for change’ to reduce reliance on the automobile? So his donors are to put their magnets on and drive around. Does anyone see the contradiction here? Anyway yawn. Why this is even newsworthy calls into question the media bias again. The media will report anything that makes Barack Obama look good but will not report any negative news on him.

Obama Offers Car Magnet to Get Internet Base to Donate

June 22, 2008

Barack Obama and Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action killer ballot measures are on tap in Colorado, Arizona, and Nebraska and guess who opposes those measures?  Our communist leader wannabe Barack Obama!  Affirmative Action is one of those hot button items for conservatives and McCain is wisely steering clear of it.  It has been stricken down on many fronts so obviously, most models of Affirmative Action are unethical at best.  The pro-affirmative action crowd are the same people who believe that two wrongs make a right.  After all, isn’t that what Affirmative Action is?  It’s a wrong meant to correct a wrong from long ago.

This shows what’s in store if communist Barack Obama becomes president.  And it’s no surprise given that his main experience in life is as a civil rights attorney.  Yep, that’s true you sheeple.  He has little senate experience but lots of civil rights experience. I am certainly not opposed to Civil Rights in general, however the way they are implemented from liberals are by stomping on the rights of others (e.g. Affirmative Action). So there’s another reason NOT to vote for Barack Obama.  Not surprisingly the press has been pretty quiet on this.

Will Affirmative Action Roil 08 Race

June 15, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-15-08

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Does the liberal media even proof their stuff before they put it on their blogs? They are so enamored with Barack Obama that he’s tied with himself? Hogwash!

Sen. Barack Obama may be virtually tied with Sen. Barack Obama in Gallup’s national tracking poll which seeks to gauge which candidate voters support.

Most voters think Obama will win

May 31, 2008

Barack Obama brings Corruption with him

Illinois has produced a long list of corrupt politicians. Why there’s one rotting away in Federal Prison as I type this, a certain George Ryan. Yeah I know he’s a Republican. But apparently no sense of decency and ethics exists in Illinois politics on either side of the fence. It’s common in Illinois for politicians to milk the coffers. Check out this example from Andy Martin’s Blog. This is an Obama supporter and this is what Obama wants to bring with him? How can Obama enact ethical change in Washington when he leaves behind such a culture of corruption in Illinois?

Fat Lady of Illinois

May 30, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama’s Jewish Problem

Hussein we have a problem.  It’s those Jews.  I wonder why they don’t like B. Hussein Obama? Hmmm, let’s see.  Could be his Islamic ties?  And it could be that the Obama campaign hired David Bonior who is widely viewed in the Jewish community as being Anti Israel (he’s against pro Israel so that makes him anti  Israel – hmmm ok).  Recently Obama was in Florida trying to drum up the Jewish support.  I have a feeling that ain’t gonna work. Jewish voters run both sides.  There are liberal ones who will vote for him, but the more conservative ones will vote for McCain.  I have no idea which group is bigger.

Jews Against Obama

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