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August 14, 2008

Add Another one to Barack Obama’s Circle – Kwame Kilpatrick

As though Barack Obama doesn’t already have a large enough circle of questionable associates and friends, here comes a Kwame hug! Ok this was before the txt scandals broke, but Kwame Kilpatrick has been known to be a shady character for years. Now poor poor Kwame wants to go to Denver to show up at the DNC! LOL. As though the Democrats need more shame?


May 31, 2008

Barack Obama brings Corruption with him

Illinois has produced a long list of corrupt politicians. Why there’s one rotting away in Federal Prison as I type this, a certain George Ryan. Yeah I know he’s a Republican. But apparently no sense of decency and ethics exists in Illinois politics on either side of the fence. It’s common in Illinois for politicians to milk the coffers. Check out this example from Andy Martin’s Blog. This is an Obama supporter and this is what Obama wants to bring with him? How can Obama enact ethical change in Washington when he leaves behind such a culture of corruption in Illinois?

Fat Lady of Illinois

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