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July 17, 2008

Jesse Jackson and his 2 N Words

Jesse Jackson used two N words when he humiliated himself on mic the other day. Nuts was one, and the other was of course the infamous N word. He might have said ‘nigga’ which as blacks would like us to believe is a different word, but of course it’s the same word. Like it’s a ‘santized version’ or something. This is a typical example of how liberal blacks can’t even play by their own rules. Jesse “Off with his nuts” Jackson has discouraged the use of the word in the past. He said the n word is a:

hate word … it’s a punch in the groin disguised as a word. … It is divisive, it is painful. One cannot sanitize this. So whether it is degrading or self-degrading, whether it is hate or self-hate, it is wrong.”

Liberal hypocrisy at its finest. Hogwash!

Fox News: Jesse used n-word


July 9, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 07-09-08

Heeeerrzz Jesse! Jesse Jackson again and his big old mouth. He wants to cut the nuts off of Barack Obama because he is talking down to black people. What’s the matter Jesse? You mad because Barack Obama isn’t using gutter language like you (and most blacks) do? The dim witted Jesse says he didn’t realize the mic was on. Hahaha! Good one Jesse, but no go. You got so much egg on your face, you’re gonna be yellow pretty soon instead of black.

Jackson apologizes for ‘crude’ Obama remarks

Jesse Jackson

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