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August 30, 2008

Remember this Picture on Election Day!

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Who won’t say the pledge of allegiance?

Who won’t place his hand on his heart?

Who hates America?



August 22, 2008

The Suspense is Killing Me

Yawn. Barack Obama’s running mate. Have you noticed he is waiting until the edge of the weekend to make this announcement? You know how that works in the corporate world. Save the bad news for Friday so that people can go home and stew about it. It’s an old management trick to fire people on a Friday afternoon so they have the whole weekend to cool off.

This is kind of the same thing. Obama is going to piss people off either way. I’m going out on a limb here and saying he is probably not going to select Hillary Clinton. That will piss off the Clinton supporters who haven’t moved on. And from what I understand, that’s a substantial number and a lot of votes. And if he’s dumb enough to actually select Clinton as a running mate, that will just about kill his chances in November. Guess Obama’s screwed either way! No wonder he wants to wait until Friday afternoon. And of course the bias liberal media is waiting with baited breath on the announcement. Just look at them pawning over Obama.

Obama is hours away from naming running mate

August 11, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 08-11-08

Barack Obama is trying to be cool by Txting his VP choice to his supporters. Ooooh. Ahhhh. That’s what the MSM is doing; pawning over the idea as usual. And the worst thing is that the idiots who support him will probably think this is the coolest thing since… umm…. Al Gore’s internet. YAWN! Look, the moment he announces it, it will be all over the news anyway – and even if he txts first and makes the media announcement second, who fricking cares? Yet another publicity stunt by Barack Obama, the fraud.

Obama Wants U 2B the 1st 2 Know

July 12, 2008

Obama in the Wrong Picture Media Bias Major

Wrong Photo you Morons!

Wrong Photo you Morons!

As if this isn’t proof of the unprecedented media bias in favor of Barack Obama! Here is an article about some event in New Orleans involving roller girls or something. Some new tradition that has little or nothing to do with Barack Obama. So why is he shown in the picture for this story? I’ll tell ya why. The mainstream media can’t get enough of their beloved Barack Obama so they stick his picture in stories where it doesn’t belong. Hogwash.

Roller Girls Give Chase in La. Version of Bull Run

June 20, 2008

Liberal Hogwash for 06-20-08

The Republican smear machine. I keep hearing that mentioned by the liberals all the time. It’s called other things like Republican smear tactics and Republican smear campaigns. Whatever, as though the Democrats are above smearing? For example the Cindy McCain drug addict attacks? The John McCain = George Bush smears? Democrats like the one who wrote the article below need to STFU and admit they do as much smearing as anyone else. Now with Barack Obama’s sky high money making machine in full force, his campaign will be an even bigger smear machine.

Let’s Face the Facts: Barack Obama is a Politician

June 13, 2008

Michelle Obama – Don’t call me Whitey, Black Bitch!

I do not like that wife of Bullshit Obama. Mrs. Bullshit Obama. I was hoping the tape would show up of her talking racist about white people like I know she really does. She is further left than he is. And leave it Obama to cry about the press and the bloggers picking on his wife. Poor poor wife, would like not nothing more than to apply 2nd class citizenship to white people. And that “Whitey” thing is just rumor? Just a smear? Yeah sure. No OBAMA!

Obama fights smear: Michelle Obama and the “whitey” rumor

June 12, 2008

Barack Obama Sure has a Lot of Ex Friends

This WSJ article puts nicely. I will not be so nice to that communist Barack Obama. Ok kids, simple math here. What do you get when you add these folks together?

Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright
Michael “Tears of a Clown” Pfleger
William “Kill da White People” Ayers
Tony “Club Fed” Rezko
Jim “Open Wide Countryside” Johnson

A lot of shady associations – that’s what. These are only the ones who have been exposed. And conveniently but uncoincidentally, Obama has severed ties from these shady characters ONLY after they were exposed and the press (along with the Blogosphere) raised a stink about them. You know what they say: you are who you associate with. So that makes Barack Obama a growingly shady one. And it appears that Jim Johnson’s associate on the vetting committee, Eric Holder, might be joining this growing list. As Deputy Attorney General he had a role in the Marc Rich pardon. America, DO NOT VOTE BARACK OBAMA!

May 30, 2008

Barack Obama and his Church Problems

Well we are again. The media is cackling about Obama’s church again. This time it’s some white catholic priest (Rev. Michael Pfleger), who apparently took some time off from molesting young boys to stand up in front of the predominantly black church and ridicule Hillary Clinton. While Barack Obama’s camp was quick to denounce the ridicule, it’s too big an issue to cover up. What the hell kind of hate filled church is that? Isn’t a church supposed to be about worshipping God and discussing the teachings? Since when is it a political platform for child molesting priests like Michael Pfleger to voice their election year opinions?

It’s an evil church and we must ask Barack Obama why he would attend such a hate filled church for 20 years. He can’t go on brushing off the controversial characters coming out of that place as those they’re odd balls. They are apparently serving the needs of that liberal hate church. He has some explaining to do about this choice of churches and his brand of Christianity. Oh wait, that will be hard to do since he’s a Muslim at heart.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Jewish Problem

Hussein we have a problem.  It’s those Jews.  I wonder why they don’t like B. Hussein Obama? Hmmm, let’s see.  Could be his Islamic ties?  And it could be that the Obama campaign hired David Bonior who is widely viewed in the Jewish community as being Anti Israel (he’s against pro Israel so that makes him anti  Israel – hmmm ok).  Recently Obama was in Florida trying to drum up the Jewish support.  I have a feeling that ain’t gonna work. Jewish voters run both sides.  There are liberal ones who will vote for him, but the more conservative ones will vote for McCain.  I have no idea which group is bigger.

Jews Against Obama

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